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  • Product Overview: Polycrystalline silicon wafer is the core material of solar cell, which is widely used in the fields of photovoltaic power generation, communication, traffic and the production and living power supply of residents in remote areas.
  • Product Overview: Galvanized Steel Wire, also named ACSR core wire.can be supplied in single wire or in seven strands. galvanized layer is bright,clean and firm.strong corrosion resistance. It can be produced according to customers’ actual requirement.
  • Product Overview: Brass plated rubber hose enhance wire is reinforced material for various kinds of high pressure conveying rubber hose skeleton , has excellent comprehensive performance.
  • Product Overview: pc strands is composed of multiple root of high strength steel wire, It is twisted wire rope. By eliminating stress (stabilizing treatment),the strands is suitable for prestressed concrete or similar purposes.It can help saving material consumption.
  • Product Overview: Ultra fine wire is high carbon, cold drawing of brass plated of high strength steel wire, it can be used for cutting high hardness of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and quartz material etc.
  • Product Overview: Brass plated cord is radial tyre frame reinforced material. The product has strong coating, surface quality, mechanical properties of uniform and stress relieving fully.

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