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  • Product Name: Sawing Wire
  • Product Number: Hengxing-sawing wire
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  Ultra fine wire is high carbon steel wire,aslo called cutting wire or sawing wire. It's cold drawing of brass plated of high strength steel wire,can be used for cutting high hardness of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and quartz material etc.

  Henan Hengxing Science&Technology Co.,Ltd can provide all kinds of all kinds of the length of the wire, the line length subject only to the spool take-up capacity limit. H wheel type mainly includes NTC210 type, BS200, BS64, BS126, etc. According to customer needs to provide other specification size h wheel.

  Storage requirements and matters needing attention:

  1. Each tray are desiccant

  2. Tray vacuum packing open before, in the temperature and humidity appropriate warehouse environment can deposit 6 months

  3. In the tray vacuum packing open before, please first will be placed on the tray use environment, in order to avoid temperature lead to water vapor condensation

  4. Please do not bare hand touch just silk

  5. In the open h wheel package preparation in the machine welding/tie wire tension when you end rubber ring, avoid to cause threading or loose ends

  6. In transit please don't stack tray

  Technical Parameters

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