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The prospects of Radial tire steel cord is good

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Henan Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. a steel cord, galvanized steel radial tire cords and so on. Galvanized steel wire and galvanized steel wire capacity production of products in the domestic market leading position, brand obvious advantages.

Dependent automobile industry, the industry good prospects for development. China's automobile industry is in a high-speed growth. It estimated that by 2010 the number of radial tire cords will reach 230 million per year, the annual needs of about 700,000 tons of steel cord, annual demand growth rate of about 30%.

Encouraged by national policy. Radial tire radial tire cords and supporting materials has become a key state support and development of the industry. The state has issued preferential policies to support the development of domestic tire companies steel and semi-steel radial tires, eliminate backward oblique rubber tire products. Company to raise funds for the expansion of annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of steel cord production line, the overall profitability will be further enhanced.

Social welfare enterprises, income tax will be long term.

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